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In today's fast-paced business world, having top-notch customer support is essential, particularly in the direct response and card-not-present space.

It's increasingly essential to have a dedicated support team that can handle any questions or concerns that may arise, especially for Direct Response and eCommerce companies. If you're ready for a customer support team that understands your business (and your customers) - get ready for Seismic Wave!

Why Choose Seismic Wave?

Seismic Wave has been the driving force for CS excellence for 9-figure Direct Response companies, expert eCommerce sellers, and more.

Here's what you can expect with Seismic Wave:

Improved Retention

We know how important it is to control refund rates, so we build industry-leading retention policies, cutting lost revenue and chargeback requests.

Better Answers

As part of onboarding with Seismic Wave, we build an accurate, regularly updated Knowledge Center, giving all agents a single, accurate point of reference.

Smoother Systems

Seismic Wave was built with operations in mind. We work to ensure that all our clients have simple, clear systems, minimizing customer frustration.

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